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OUTRAGEOUS VIDEO: Hamas Terrorist Rally on US Soil

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As Israel continues to fight for their very existence, the level of hatred seen around the globe continues to sicken. Both pro and anti-Israel protests have sprung up and the rhetoric remains heated while Israel continues to battle with Hamas, a terrorist organization.

Though both sides continue to bicker over who is the true aggressor, the fact remains that Israel merely attempts to maintain their sovereignty while surrounded by nations who swear it is their holy duty to annihilate the one Jewish state in the world.

On Sunday, an undercover reporter attempting to document a pro-Hamas demonstration was discovered and threatened because he was Jewish. United West, the organization that posted the video of the altercation, sent a reporter in to document a pro-Hamas rally. This was not a pro-Palestine rally, mind you; this rally included continued chants of “We are Hamas” and “We are jihad.”

The pro-terrorist rally took place outside the Israeli consulate in Miami, Florida, and was sponsored by the increasingly-radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

When members of the amped-up crowd discovered that a Jew was reporting, they confronted him with violence and vulgarity. “He’s a Zionist, this guy is not one of us. He’s a Zionist!” one of the pro-Hamas protesters yelled.

Another Hamas supporter shoved the reporter demanding that the reporter not record his picture. “Don’t touch me,” the reporter yelled. “You are in public; you have no expectation of privacy.”

“I’m gonna kill you motherfu***r; you and the all Israelis!” A pro-Hamas protester yelled while flipping off the camera. When the reporter objected to being pushed, “You want a push, I’ll show you a push!” the protester said as he pushed the reporter.

Another protester, again, shoved the reporter and even pulled out a pen with which to, apparently, stab the reporter, until another Hamas supporter stepped in to keep the peace.

A synagogue, cars in North Miami vandalized with ‘Hamas’
The incident is truly outrageous and just a small taste of the hatred and violence that faces Israelis and other Jews around the globe on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration continues to undermine the peace process by refusing to firmly stand behind Israel in their fight for survival, hoping for a policy of appeasement towards Palestinian terrorists.

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