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Obama Ignored NY Police Shooting News While On Golf Course… Kept Golfing

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Let’s play, “guess where Obama was?” during the news of the brutal, execution-style murder of two NYPD police officers that left America in shock. If you guessed that he was being briefed and preparing a statement in the Oval Office, you guessed wrong.

The correct answer is the golf course. A nice, expensive Hawaiian golf course at that. As he received the news of the slain officers at the hands of a cop-killing, black, Jihadist gang member, instead of ending his game to prep for a statement, he pulled out a new club and went on to the next hole.

And liberals wonder why conservatives absolutely can’t stand this guy. How many times has he been golfing during and after events of national significance? Too many to count.

Breitbart reported, “The president was golfing in Hawaii when the White House first released a statement reassuring Americans that Obama had been briefed and that administration officials were monitoring the situation.” (H/T AmericanPatriotPost)

Let’s keep in mind that Obama made a statement within minutes after the non-indictment verdict came out of St. Louis over the justified officer shooting of Michael Brown.

But two slain NYPD officers at the hands of a cop-killer who was antagonized by race-baiters such as Al Sharpton and Eric Holder, forget about it. Not important enough to cancel the game and head back to base. He must have had a really good score going.

Blood is certainly on the hands of people such as NYC Mayor De Blasio, Holder, Sharpton, and Obama as they’ve all spewed atrocious amounts of anti-police rhetoric over the course of the past several months – throwing America’s law enforcement under a huge bus and further stoking the anti-police sentiment in the black community.

A lot of people say the past few months haven’t been about race, but Obama weighed in on Michael Brown, Eric Garner and even Trayvon Martin – who were all black.

Has he once addressed the nation on the viscous murders of dozens of white people who have been killed by blacks over the past few months?

Nope. And that’s the problem. It isn’t that he’s addressing black deaths. It’s that he’s ignoring other deaths. Like any double standard acted on by the powerful, this is appalling.

Let’s hope the president can find time between playing luxury golf courses to honor these slain NYPD officers appropriately and with respect.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune


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