New Poll Reveals Donald Trump is Destroying the GOP Field, Up 11 Points on Nearest Rival

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Donald Trump is constantly raising eyebrows, and this time it’s not due to the fact that he’s commenting on illegal aliens, or attacking a former prisoner of war.

According to a new ABC/WaPo National Poll, Trump is currently 11 percentage points ahead of his nearest GOP rival in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.


From Washington Post:

From Hot Air:

His views on immigration are not widely shared. Just 16 percent of Americans say that undocumented immigrants from Mexico are mainly “undesirable people like criminals,” while 74 percent say they are mainly “honest people trying to get ahead.”

Even in the Republican Party, Trump’s characterizations reflect a minority view. Among Republicans, 66 percent say undocumented immigrants from Mexico are mainly honest, while 19 percent say they are mainly undesirable.

There is clear resistance to his candidacy within the party. A majority (54 percent) say his views do not reflect the core values of the Republican Party.

If Trump were to receive the GOP nomination, 62 percent of Americans say they definitely would not consider voting for him.

I think ultimately since our current president gives off a feminine-type vibe, Trump presents himself as a no-nonsense, alpha male, who will deal with the problems our nation faces.

Though, President Donald Trump?



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