A person by the name of Abby Martin, who is the founder of a very small social media following used her Facebook page to attack a dead war hero. Not just any dead hero, but Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Maybe it makes her feel strong and bigger than life to target a person who has died because he can’t fight back to defend himself.

However, its the very freedom that Chris Kyle fought for that grants her the vile hatred that she spews online.

Abby Martin designed a t-shirt that says “F*ck Chris Kyle’.

Here’s the post that Abby Martin has on her Facebook page:

Abby Martin blasts dead war hero with vile hatred

At first glance, many people I know thought she was just wishing she could have Chris Kyle and took it literally. However, this is not the case. Abby Martin makes her disdain known for Chris Kyle and her follower’s do as well.

We live in wild times where American citizen’s who live in the bubble that is protected by our brave soldiers utilize the very freedoms that they take for granted to attack those who protect it.

It’s these people who have no understanding of the dangers in our world, and are blinded by the political agenda’s that certain group’s push on people.

Chris Kyle is an American hero who is an easy target because he is no longer alive. Abbey Martin is just a coward hiding behind the freedoms that our military has granted her when she was born on this great land that we call the United States of America.

Chris Kyle cannot fight back, but I’m alive and so are you and we must ensure to stand up for him as he has kept our families safe from the evil people who would like to kill every last one of us Americans.

Chris Kyle is a hero.