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DISGUSTING Veteran Hater Blasts a Dead War Hero ‘F*ck Chris Kyle’

A person by the name of Abby Martin, who is the founder of a very small social media following used her Facebook page to attack a dead war hero. Not just any dead hero, but Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Maybe it makes her feel strong and bigger than life to target a person who has died because he can’t fight back to defend himself.

However, its the very freedom that Chris Kyle fought for that grants her the vile hatred that she spews online.

Abby Martin designed a t-shirt that says “F*ck Chris Kyle’.

Here’s the post that Abby Martin has on her Facebook page:

Abby Martin blasts dead war hero with vile hatred

At first glance, many people I know thought she was just wishing she could have Chris Kyle and took it literally. However, this is not the case. Abby Martin makes her disdain known for Chris Kyle and her follower’s do as well.

We live in wild times where American citizen’s who live in the bubble that is protected by our brave soldiers utilize the very freedoms that they take for granted to attack those who protect it.

It’s these people who have no understanding of the dangers in our world, and are blinded by the political agenda’s that certain group’s push on people.

Chris Kyle is an American hero who is an easy target because he is no longer alive. Abbey Martin is just a coward hiding behind the freedoms that our military has granted her when she was born on this great land that we call the United States of America.

Chris Kyle cannot fight back, but I’m alive and so are you and we must ensure to stand up for him as he has kept our families safe from the evil people who would like to kill every last one of us Americans.

Chris Kyle is a hero.


SHAMEFUL: Helping a Hero Using Donations and Wounded Veterans To Fund Founder’s Lavish Lifestyle


We’ve been trying hard to show the public what this charity is doing and it’s downright disgusting. How many severely wounded veterans have to speak out before people listen? How many times will Helping a Hero and Meredith Iler try to hide their records? How many more times will they screw over veterans?

Just because you have gotten veterans into homes, it doesn’t mean you have a free pass to spend money that was intended for those veterans. That is NOT how a 501C3 works Meredith Iler, and you deserve to be locked in Federal Prison for the rest of your miserable life, and we wounded veterans will ensure the ‘Helping A Hero’ has all its records turned over so proper adjudication can be made by the State of Texas.

Here’s a list of just a few articles about Helping A hero and their illegal activities:


via Dolcefino Consulting: State District Judge Michael Landrum has rejected attempts by the controversial Houston Veteran’s Charity Helping a Hero to conceal 2014 financial records.

Helping a Hero wanted to keep the financial records secret from Dolcefino Consulting, an investigative communications firm in Houston run by longtime television investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino.

Dolcefino Consulting has been probing the financial practices of Helping a Hero since 2013 at the request of several disabled veterans who think the charity cheated them.

“This charity gets millions of dollars in donations and then spends money trying to fight the public’s right to see how they spend the money”, says Wayne Dolcefino. “In my view that forfeits their right solicit donations.”

Helping a Hero has been the target of complaints from veterans across the country.

In April 2014 Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson told the charity to comply with Texas non-profit laws and the charity did release some financial records.

Since December, Dolcefino Consulting has been fighting to see the way donations were spent in 2014 and has now filed a criminal complaint against the charity with the Harris County District Attorney.

“These laws are useless if Ms. Anderson doesn’t vigorously enforce the right of all Harris County taxpayers to see how their money is spent,” says Dolcefino. “These charities are tax exempt as part of a contract with the people of Texas.”

Wounded veterans are being used as a tool to open doors on the hill and in the corporate world. Fundraising and lobbying is quite a lucrative business. Working for free? That’s just mincing words. How much business has Strategic Alliance conducted whilst traveling and conducting business on Helping a Hero dime? Though not illegal it is unethical. How many elected politicians and law enforcement officials have employed the services of Meredith Iler in their campaigning and fundraising? Where are they when their true constituents need them? Who has paid $50,000 to Meredith Iler for a meeting with Secretary Gates? She loves to brag about it along with her ability to graft 20% off of her fundraising ventures.

How much money has she made from Arbonne? How much Arbonne products did she buy with donor money? Did you donate money for Meredith Iler to buy makeup so that she could profit from it? Why not just write your check out to Arbonne? Look how much love she has for wounded veterans as she demonstrates it with her slanderous and defamatory scratching and clawing for survival.

There are plenty of organizations out there that help veterans without any unethical behavior whatsoever. Ask yourself why Meredith Iler is fighting tooth and nail to prevent the latest financials from being released.

Email Harris County TX District Attorney, Devon Anderson, and tell her to bring criminal charges.



EXCLUSIVE- DEBUNKED: Claims of the Wounded Warrior Project being a scam are proven false with overwhelming evidence.

As an Air Force veteran, and more notably a triple amputee who was wounded in Iraq. I found it appalling when I read the horrible things that the Wounded Warrior Project was being accused of.

But it didn’t make sense to me that a charity with major corporate sponsors such as U-Haul, Bank of America, Raytheon, NFL, Heinz and many others would allow the Wounded Warrior Project to use their name and fund their events if they were, in fact, a scam.

Here are the issues with any online smear campaign, anyone can go write up a post online and try to analyze things that are way over their pay grades. And before you know it, the blind are leading the blind on a false vendetta to destroy a charity who helps our nation’s most severely wounded veterans.

One of the most important things to understand with these things is knowing the background of the source of information. If you fail to research it, you’re just as negligible as the people who are doing the wrong.

I discovered numerous defamatory blogs out there spreading this smear campaign, however, I narrowed it down to two original sources that are igniting this fraud claim.

The first is a blog called Veterans Today, and a simple search revealed they are riddled with crazy conspiracy theorist articles and anti-Semitism content. The Southern Poverty Law Center started Veterans Today is “a website that purports to be a “military veterans and foreign affairs journal” but is really a locus of the far right, is now squarely in the neo-Nazi territory”.

Remember to know your source. I suggest everyone Google Veterans Today and see the nonsense that comebacks to this site.

Let’s start with the first claim. It involves a viral article floating around social media from a man named Alex Graham, which subsequently was posted on Veterans Today. He alleges that the Wounded Warrior Project is a ‘Legal Scam’. Not only is this statement libelous in nature and lacking proper evidence, it’s 100% an illegal statement to make against anyone including a charity if you can’t prove it— and he didn’t do that.

The next thing Alex states is that the Wounded Warrior Project is “cooking the books” in order to pay two execs, their $300k salary; which he provided zero evidence for. In fact, if this were true and the Wounded Warrior Project did ‘cook the books’ as Alex Graham claimed, the IRS would have already shut down the Wounded Warrior Project.

According to Charity Navigator, which is self-proclaimed as the most reputable evaluator of charities, they scored the Wounded Warrior Project a 96% out of 100 in FY2013 for accountability and transparency. Does this sound like someone who is ‘cooking the books’?

In comparison, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) scored a 96%, the Pat Tillman Foundation scored an 89% and the USO scored a 97%.

Alex Graham went on to state that the Wounded Warrior Project had $115,199,467 in overhead expenses reported on the 2012 IRS Form 990. When in fact the 2012 Form 990 actually shows that WWP’s total expenses (program, admin, and fundraising) were $95,511,549. These are just small critical errors that show he can’t even analyze a simple tax document, so why are people even trying to take his word?

Since we’re on overhead expenses lets clear the air on this. Guidstar and other charities stepped up to dispute that overhead is NOT a good way to judge a charity, its all about the charities impact. See attached letter here from Guidstar Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau.

The next claim he made was that in 2012 only 3.5% of WWP’s income is being expended to directly help service members. However, he used the amount of funds WWP grants to other organizations as the basis for this falsehood, suggesting WWP used those grants to support warriors and their families. This can be verified again on the 2012-2013 IRS Tax Form 990 page 2 of PDF.

Here’s the math Alex used to come up with 3.5%, which proves he used the wrong data to formulate his claim:

IRS Form 990 which shows total revenue and total grants paid out. Alex Graham used the wrong information to gt his 3.5% calculation. Grants are expenses that are paid out to other charities, they are not what the WWP spends on their programs.

Again, another critical error that proves this claim as false and further illustrates a pattern of being wrong.

A very important variable that I discovered, is that the Wounded Warrior Project takes extra steps to ensure accountability with the public and has repeatedly hired the consulting firm BDO to scrutinize their records ensure they maintain a high level of accountability.  BDO is one of the most reputable and well-known accounting audit firms around, and they have approved of the WWP’s records each year. These full financial audits are found on the Wounded Warrior Projects website.

BDO went on to state in all of their audits, and most recently, in 2013 the Wounded Warrior Project “ended in accordance, with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.”

Moreover, Alex Graham used the Nonprofit reporting company GuidStar in an attempt to back his falsified claims, but there was one problem. Guidstar released a document contradicting Alex Graham, the document stated that the information Alex provided was used in the wrong manner and they requested that he take it down or correct his information ASAP. Essentially they told him that he didn’t know what the hell he was doing with their data.



Alex Graham has a record of being wrong 100% of the time so far with his claims against the Wounded Warrior Project.

After reviewing all the documents, audits and endorsements from outside agencies. I can say without a doubt the Wounded Warrior Project is not a “legal scam” and is not “cooking the books” as Alex Graham claimed on Veterans Today.

The next claim that Alex made was that the “WWP does little, if any, direct support of wounded warriors and wounded warrior programs”.

Not only has my family and I participated in many of their programs, witnessed thousands of others veterans participate with their families in the programs, but the Wounded Warrior Project to date has easily spent around $40,000 on my family over the past few years. That’s a first-hand account of direct support to a wounded warrior.

But I don’t expect you to just believe a random person, so I’ll prove it to you.

Take a look at the 2012-2013 IRS Tax Form 990 page 3 of PDF line 4a-4e. This breaks down their three main program umbrellas and with total expenses for each of these programs for the tax year 2012-2013. The Programs listed are in fact direct support of our Wounded Warriors and the $117,198,737 expense tabulation highlights the massive support that they directly engage our warriors with.

Alex Graham’s claim is proven false, the Wounded Warrior Project does, in fact, do a lot to directly support our wounded warriors with many programs and this is further proven by the IRS tax documents.

Furthermore, the Wounded Warrior Project already has a total of 20 programs and rapidly growing new ones. These programs are tailored to help veterans with their physical rehabilitation, aid in their mental and emotional recovery, assist them to achieve their educational and employment goals, and help them maintain their independence and stay connected with their families, their communities, and each other at no cost!

“Wounded Warrior Project is the backbone of my continued recovery. The programs and activities WWP offers are an outlet that enhances my emotional strength.” – Keith Sekora

This is unprecedented, and no other charity has this many programs under their belt to directly help veterans.

It’s now clear, that Alex Graham is dead wrong about the Wounded Warrior Project, however, he always referred back to another source for his information. Ironically, a man named Dean Graham who has no relation to Alex Graham.

Dean Graham and his now disbanded organization Help Indiana Vets, Inc. (HIVI) has made the same false claims about the Wounded Warrior Project, and it appears as if he was the very first person to start this false movement to destroy the WWP Brand. Because of his defamatory claims, the Wounded Warrior Project had every right to defend itself, and that’s exactly what they did.

On Friday, June 20, 2014, the federal court hearing the case entered a judgment against Dean Graham and his organization Help Indiana Vets, Inc. (HIVI), and permanently enjoined both from making defamatory statements about WWP. What this means is that Dean acknowledged he made false and defamatory statements, the court entered a judgment accordingly, and Dean/HIVI are no longer permitted to make defamatory statements about Wounded Warrior Project.

Not only have Dean Graham’s statements been proven false by our judicial system, but this would mean Alex Graham’s statements are also legally false and defamatory. But I’m pretty sure as I just showed you, we didn’t even need a court order to prove that these claims were not true.

The last issue deals with how much the Wounded Warrior Project pays its employees.  Which is more of a problem with people acting as a nanny state with socialist values than understanding the good business practice that allows a charity/business model to flourish like the WWP has?

The Wounded Warrior Project Executive compensation is set by their unpaid, volunteer Board of Directors following IRS rules on determining reasonable compensation, which is also annotated on the IRS Form 990 p43 of the PDF # 3.

screenshot of the IRS Form 990 which shows the methods used to set executive salaries

Compared to WWP’s revenue, the CEO’s salary equals about one-tenth of one percent – meaning that for every $100 raised less than $0.15 cent goes towards our CEO’s salary.

According to Charity Navigator’s 2013 CEO Comparison study, “a six-figure salary is not necessarily a sign of excessive pay for charities of $1 million in revenue”. And According to the IRS, their 2013 revenue was $234,682,943, which is astronomical, so is the CEO and their staff really being overpaid, I think not! Their growth and outreach to our veterans cannot be matched so why are people nitpicking over success?

Furthermore, the Charity Navigator study revealed that in 2013 the highest charitable CEO brought home $1.8 million. They further stated the mean salary for the CEO of a charity that brings in $234 million as the WWP did, is $404,903. This would put the $375k Wounded Warrior Project CEO salary under the median mark.

Additionally, the CEO’s salary is technically $250k, with a $125k bonus if the charity performs well. As noted on the 2013 Form 990. And only 11 of their 500+ employees make 6 figures. Are we really complaining about rewarding success?


From the IRS Form 990, it breaks down officer pay and shows that the CEO Steve Nardizzi makes $250k annually with a $125k bonus if the charity performs well. This format applies to all WWP officers and is set in place by an outside agency as well as the unpaid board of directors.

The final nail that these people alleged, is that the Wounded Warrior Project was anti-gun. I get it, and I understand why people may be upset. But unless you understand the Wounded Warrior Project and the ethos they follow, it could be easily misunderstood or twisted.

Not only are they are a thriving charity and the fastest growing that we’ve ever seen. They have no business taking sides on highly charged political matters, their only duty is taking care of veterans.

If the Wounded Warrior Project was anti-gun would they send vets on hunting trips all over the US each year? It’s one of their most popular trips that I hear about from warriors.

“They’ve helped me in developing my confidence to function in a wheelchair. They’ve helped me get back out and do the things that I used to enjoy doing – hunting trips, fishing trips, sporting events, and things like that.” – Patrick Corcoran

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Americans are very divided right now politically. Would it be a good business decision to side with a highly politicized issue when your only goal is to raise funds to take care of our veterans?

The Wounded Warrior Project does amazing things for our Wounded Warriors. The men who started this charity left very high paying jobs to start something they believed in. They had a vision that was not the same old veteran group that sat around drinking beers telling war stories, but a vision that empowered our warriors to grab life by the horns, and then when they do, grab your buddy and help him too.

Knowledge is power, and believing random articles or emails from people that you haven’t researched can do a lot of damage to others. By now you should see that with an overwhelming amount of evidence that the Wounded Warrior Project is not the scam but in fact the pinnacle of veteran charities that by 2017 will have helped over 100,000 warriors and their families.


Active Army Special Forces member’s Jaw-Dropping letter to America’s politicians

The writer of this letter is still an active US Army Special Forces member therefore, his name is being withheld.  However, his opinion is the farthest thing from being held back.


To the political leaders of America,

I write to you today regarding my concerns about the current state in which we find our beloved planet and your efforts in resolving the many issues we face.

Over the last decade, we have managed to allow our mighty position at the head of the table to dwindle down to a seat at the kids table, with our counsel being received as if it were that of a child making a suggestion on how to cure the world of evil: everyone thinks it is adorable, but no one takes it seriously.

To put it politely, you all are about as successful in global politics as an overweight middle-aged American with a severe case of tetanus trying to perform fellatio on himself.

Understanding that you have the attention span of indigenous forces undergoing rifle training, I give you the options of either reading this letter in its entirety or simply skipping to the last two paragraphs.

Sadly, you neither get the reference about indigenous forces (ask your college educated SMEs and think tanks) nor are you capable of making a decision on what to do next. Go ahead and post a tweet asking for thoughts/advice and hashtag this out with the others. #hashtaggingworldproblemsisabsurd #noseriouslystopit  #itisridiculousandembarrassing  You have time, this letter will still be here.

Due your ineptitude in your decisions with regard to who we back with foreign aid, and your complete lack of a spine in dealing with global threats, we find ourselves, for the first time in ages, being looked at with eyes filled with disdain and disrespect.

The mere mention of ‘America’ leaves a bad taste in the mouths of our friends and allies.  The prospects of being saved by our once-great nation are now nothing more than a fleeting thought in the hearts and minds of Third World Country natives who dream of a life with fewer hardships than ones they currently face—hardships that could be vanquished by the hands of a great nation and its allies.

We have entered into a time in which it is not only possible to spread one’s hate filled rhetoric, it is also actually profitable and protected.  Your understanding and misinterpretations of our founding freedoms are being used and twisted to further your own political agendas without any consideration for the people you are meant to represent.

Your understanding (or lack thereof) of our Constitution contributes to the complete madness of a country that is run where someone’s rights to desecrate the flag that represents these very freedoms is more important than the patriotic peoples who stand to protect it.  Allowing people to lose houses or be fined for flying the American flag on their property due to it offending someone or being against a housing covenants is beyond ludicrous. It’s both absurd and frightening.  These are just a few examples of countless rights that are being used to tear the very fabric of which this country is founded.

You see, all of you have forgotten the very key that makes this country work. You fight for one’s freedoms to express their beliefs regardless of where their loyalties lie. Using our very own founding documents, you argue that it is ones right to speak and act freely on their beliefs, regardless of their view of this great nation.

For fear of offending someone to pure political motivations, you stand up for the very people that wish to tear you down. What you, as well as most Americans have forgotten is this: Those individual rights end where others begin! It may be ones right to protest a certain religions display or another’s stance on certain political views, however, it is also the others right to display and have those stand points.

If one is offended by a shirt displayed with an image of a gun, a flag of our nation, a statue representing their faith in their chosen religion or any other example; that is their right to be offended and speak out. However, it is the others right to wear that shirt, fly that flag, display that statue or whatever else they wish to do. Freedom cannot be one-sided.  The complete madness of political correctness is overwhelming.

You have stripped away our 1st Amendment rights by disguising it as political correctness and making the very people that make this country great afraid of offending any and everyone.  I use these examples in our own country as the catalyst  that has spawned our current position on the global stage.

Through political motivation or just complete incompetence, your methods of governing our country have clouded your views and thought processes for helping forge a united world.  We stand at the table, with weak knees and shivering hands. Our word as a nation holding as much weight as that of our President doing curls in the gym. We have all seen the video…

We live in a world where you can contest our very lands with flyovers without consequence.  A world where one can sweep through two entire countries, massacring everyone along the way with no fear repercussions. One where sanctions and empty threats are wielded as a mighty sword against the very enemies that threaten our existence. You fail to see that in today’s world, the pen is not mightier than the sword.

You have demonstrated this time and time again over the last 13 years.  Take Afghanistan for example. Politics alone have been the source of Taliban resurgence. How could this be? Let me school you. In 2001, a mixture of CIA, Special Forces and other Special Operations Forces (SOF), in very limited numbers, swept through the entire country of Afghanistan, demolishing the Taliban forces that stood in its way. Thinking that the back had been broken, we backed off and brought more and more ground forces in the country.

As time went on, more and more troops arrived and operational control was taken away from the Special Operations types, to make way for conventional commands. Along with this came more and more restricted Rules of Engagement.

Fast forward to 2006. Following more political moves and further NATO control, we found ourselves in an Afghanistan where the freedom of movement for the insurgents is unprecedented in Operation Enduring Freedom—a freedom of movement that not only limits NATO troops ground movements, but also has even the hardest of SOF elements avoiding a drive into Kandahar City.   So, NATO asked the US to help. Enter into the timeline, Operation Medusa.

US Special Forces demolished the insurgent forces to the point that insurgent operations in the entire country dropped.  The morale of the insurgents also dropped to an all time low, the grounds upon which the new Afghan Government stands, are once again sturdy.  Now, fast forward to present day…

What has happened? Are the insurgents in Afghanistan fleeing and backs broken? Far from it. All of this due to your politics. The war effort drawn down to a near standstill due to more and more pointless commands and approval process. All, in which serve to help some pointless commander to further his career and push some pointless political agenda.

You see, the current world in which we find ourselves isn’t one that can be tamed by the pen.  The evils of the world find protection behind the shield of your politics.  This is due to one simple fact.  You have no clue how to play this game.  You listen and make decisions based of your Subject Matter Experts who read about war in a book. You base your strategies on the opinions of ‘Think Tanks’ and conventional wisdom.  The answers to these problems being spoken by the men on the ground only to be silenced by ‘yes men’. Due to this, you will continue to fail.

Not only will you fail in Afghanistan, you will fail in bringing peace and security back into this world.  All of these failures will be caused by you because of one simple factor:  none of you have the intestinal fortitude to do what is necessary. You will use your own misguided experiences and delusions gained in your failures in governing our own country as the grounds on which you base your strategies.  But understand this, you can’t defeat evil with butterflies and rainbows.  And you sure as hell can’t do it with pens and empty words.

Face it, for the most part, our Foreign Policy is a joke and your efforts on the global stage are nothing short of pathetic. Not going into the fact that you all are voted in for the people by the people to do a job, a job in which you are failing. At least you all aren’t receiving a ridiculous paycheck and benefits package for providing a public service. oh wait…

Our saving grace is that there are still a handful of you that will find this, as frustrating as it is, accurate and motivating.  But, then again, if that was the case, then we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation. Oh the conundrum. We have faith in our abilities as a nation. We have faith in our abilities in unconventional war as well as faith in our ability to destroy the current threats to the world given the freedoms and support required to do so.

So, I write to you today calling you out. You have failed. It is time to hand that Capri Sun and straw over before you put your eye out. You’ve been poking at that hole for some time now.  You gave it your best lil buddies, but it’s time. Pull those trainers up around your waist, latch down the Velcro, and watch how real men fight wars.

It is time to unleash the hounds.  You have had over a decade of war filled with warriors that would gladly step up and fight. These former service members are battle hardened and ready. More importantly, they understand the game. We stand at the gates, waiting to smite all that is evil in this world.  You will not defeat the current evils in this world by playing your political chess games because it is spreading at an alarming rate. Unleash us. Back us. Stand behind us.

History has shown us that evil is only successful when the righteous stand aside and do nothing.  Let us show the world that it will not tolerate the likes of ISIS or Boko Haram. That there most certainly are repercussions for committing atrocities. Justice will come to them swift and brutal. Step aside and let us do what is necessary! We stand ready!